I really hate sibling favoritism. It is blatantly clear my parents have it for my younger sister, and it’s awful. She got the biggest room in the house (besides my parent’s room) and if I wanted it, my dad said I had to really show them and give a presentation on why I should get it. My sister also got a phone when she does not need it, and is too young for one. I got mine when I was 12 and I had to pay for all of it. I saved up for months, about a year actually, and got an IPhone 8, and my sister gets one way earlier than I did, an IPhone XR btw, and doesn’t have to pay for any of it?! It’s bullshit! My mom claims that “she needs to know where my sister is when she walks to school and for emergencies at home alone” okay so then use the family phone we already have?... it works just fine!! Where was that when I was her age, and I was home alone AND keeping an eye on/babysitting her?! Plus, they let her do WHATEVER she wants. She can get away with so much shit and do so much more than I’m able to right now. She can get away with calling me my deadname and not using my new name and my parents don’t even care. It hasn’t just been this stuff, it’s been my whole life. Monumental stuff me and/or my parents just HAD to miss because my sister’s event that day was supposedly more important. Being ignored by the grandparents who were supposed to be taking care of me while my sister was in the hospital because they were more concerned for her than me, without any realization that that stuff that happened actually damaged and traumatized me. A lot. Whenever me and my sister fight, I’m always, every single time, blamed for starting it and knowing better because I’m older and being forced to apologize. Me and my sister know DAMN well that she starts it most of the time. My parents even got her tested and into GT (gifted and talented), but me? Nope! Apparently I’m not smart or creative enough, in their eyes! I’ve tried to have a good relationship with her, but she doesn’t put in any effort and snitches on everything. I’m so sick of it. I feel like I don’t matter in that family. It’s clear my sister is much more favored, and will always be the favorite. This may have sounded whiny or weird (for younger siblings especially reading this) but I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for taking the time to read if you made it this far.

2 years ago

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