I have PTSD from a bad job experience. My first year of teaching, the principal I worked with would always make comments about how I wasn't a teacher. This escalated into her telling me I could never be a real teacher. On a daily basis. She would single me out and belittle me in front of other teachers [bonus points if students were present as well]. If I made a mistake, she would make it sound like I had murdered her dog or something. Eventually, she had made so many complaints about me that the district decided the remove me from the classroom just to make her happy. I became the on campus sub, and she told the other teachers that I had been fired. I have a new job as a teacher at a different school. And today, I made a mistake. I didn't realize until I got home, but of course that triggered a pretty major panic attack. And I just spent the last hour trying to force myself to stop thinking I'm a total failure and that I'm going to be fired because I'm so fucking stupid. I've already gone in and fixed the mistake, but I'm still shaking and crying and sweating and my heart is pounding.

1 year ago

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