I think the hardest lesson I've had to learn in this life is that my value to humanity isn't based on the qualities that make me a unique individual but rather based on my ability to contribute to society through maintaining gainful employment and my ability to earn enough money to survive. Along those lines, I also had to learn that healthcare is a luxury for the rich and those who are fearful of death, not a basic human right to help ease suffering. Money is essentially more important than my basic needs because without money I can't purchase what is required to survive, e.g. food, water, shelter, clothing. To simply exist isn't an option which also means to heal from illness, injury, loss, or trauma isn't an option since time and space to simply exist are needed to fully heal properly. Poverty is no excuse. Lack of education is no excuse. Disability is no excuse. Weakness of any kind is no excuse. It's survival of the fittest. Do or die. Freedom, justice, and equality are merely nice ideas, not the way life actually is. I guess that's what everyone means when they tell me life wasn't meant to be fair. I grew up believing I lived in a civilized society; yet to be civilized, a society must be fair and just. Perhaps it's just a dream we all have, a hope for the future. It's a great disappointment and a hard truth to accept that, no, we're not there yet and may never reach that level of enlightenment as a culture.

2 years ago

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