I’m a 15 yr old girl who just needs to tell someone about this because I feel like I can’t take this I don’t feel like living anymore so I may as well tell this incase I decide to yuno go (instead of never telling anybody)Anyways when I was 9-10 I was sexually abused for a long time and it has really damaged me and the worst thing about it is the person who did it was my neighbours son and we still live next to them so I have the worst panic attacks about going outside in my garden or just anywhere around where I live because I’m scared to see him and I can’t tell anyone because we can’t afford to move out of my house so I’m stuck living next to the man who has touched me inappropriately and scarred me for life.Luckily my mom and my neighbour fell out and haven’t been on good terms for years so it gave me a chance to get away from the sexual abuse but now I’m stuck living next to the man who assaulted me.whoever reads this I just want to say thank you for reading this as you may be the first and last person to ever know about what I’m going through or maybe what u have went through as I may not be here soon.goodbye.

2 years ago

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