haha so I have a dumb thing where I get extremely uncomfortable at random like usually at night or when I get horny because I have absolutely no idea it just feels super gross and to shake that off I've built a habit of cutting, well that was going on and my brother walked in and cause my music was up loud I didn't notice him walking down since I sleep in the spooky basement and once he came up I was just abt to start cuttin so I had to very quickly throw the box cutter I stole from my mom's lockbox she keeps the knives and pills u could overdose on it. I honestly hope he just thought I was abt to masturbate because being caught abt to cut is worse in my house because he might tell my momma who is already extremely traumatized from a ton of her family members n stuff trying to do these kinds of things. I also don't wanna hear a dumb monologue from my dad that I have such a lucky life and how I should appreciate lmao

1 year ago

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