Life was getting good but just restarts to be shit again , try to not go out , laying there on your bed listening to that one sad song and not really crying because you don’t have the force to cry anymore , overthinking what is fucking wrong with you . Everyone always prefer your bsf/friends you’re not anyone favourite person in the moment and you’re there waiting for love like someone will ever love u the way u love .You’re not the cold bitch everyone thinks but act like one to not get hurt , u have friends but still feel like you’re alone , can’t talk to anyone about how u really feel to not be dramatic or annoy people around u. All u ever asked was to be love , support but instead u have trusts issues , anxiety , not a normal familial situation , annoy people , bad grades , u mean for no reason , weird friendship, guys not really have interests in u and you do not have the "beauty standards" or full of money . Hiding your emotions is the best way for u to look happy and a bad bitch when in reality you just feel like shit u don’t wanna die but don’t wanna live like this u try to tell yourself it’s gonna be okay everything will get better but end up even worse . Life literally suck but u will get through this I believe in u don’t let people treat u like shit u deserve better and will get what u always wanted u need to wait even if it’s hard and he/she will regret what they did to u , BESTIE YOURE SO PERFECT ILY.❤️❤️

2 years ago

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