I’m in love with my best online friend, she’s more than a best friend to me she’s a soulmate. But... she’s already with someone in real life. They might even get married and I wouldn’t even have known that because she’s almost never talking to me. She’ll come around for a while and leave for months. I’m so tired of going through this I can’t... We’ve known each other for so long. It hurts me everyday. It’s been so painful recently that I’m considering cutting the ties but I can’t, how am I supposed to even do that when she’s not THERE? I’d prefer having a proper goodbye than just leaving like this. But see, I don’t even think I could do it because I love her so much... I can’t imagine my life without her... Why? Why did it have to happen to me?! I just want it to stop. I’ll never be happy living like this and I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t tell this to anyone, not family nor friends.

1 year ago

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