My d*mb heart

Listen here you st*p^d boy, your ^d^ot smile is forever stuck in my head, and as much as I complain your "Hey" gets me through the day. What have you done to my heart that it must race when our eyes lock, or my name leaves your lips? You and you alone occupy 99% of my daydreams and regular dreams. This being the point I shall never allow my defense to be so easily played by you harmless charms nor innocent eyes. For you, my friend are an enemy to my heart. And for that, I'll never be vulnerable to you. However, that shall never stop the blush creping on my face or the wild thoughts running on my mind. No matter how much I run you are still here, no matter how much I push, you pull. Maybe just maybe my heart isn't so dumb after all.

1 year ago

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