I hate my little sister. She is the one which I wish to die, the one which I wouldn't shed a tear on if she died. She causes me so much anger and frustration that I wish to cry. My parents do nothing to help her, they've basically given up on her. She doesn't listen to anybody, she does everything I hate. She has no manner, does whatever she does and has no consequences. She says that one day she will grow up but I want her to suffer and feel what I have felt in these years with her. I want to go to her future funeral and know that I no longer have to deal with her anymore. I have no memories of love left, only hatred, what good she has done is nothing compared to the bad in my life. Through her I got heavy expectations and so many mental illnesses. She does whatever I do and I want her to stop but I can't do anything or else I will be the one to be shamed on. I have anger issues towards my family because of how much anguish they have caused me, they tell me that because we are related by blood our relationship is going to be the closest no matter what. I am touched starved but hates it when somebody touches me, all the attention I was meant to have got taken by her, I grew myself up. I'm depressed, a middle child and a pansexual in an Asian Christian homophobic family. The word hate is not enough to express my feelings, I absolutely resent her and the rest of them but there is nothing that could be done.

2 years ago

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