i cry myself to sleep every night and i wake up every morning wishing i hadn’t. i think my family is better off without me in their life, but i still can’t bring myself to take my life. i feel so lost, weak, worthless. i been through so much ever since 2016 my lifes been nothing but one trauma after the next & im at a point where i just can’t keep myself together. my “bf” is an addict in and out of recovery (currently out). i’m in an extremely verbally/emotionally/mentally abusive relationship & idk how to get out of it. its like i like being tortured to feel something. im scared of being alone even though i am alone anyways. no one in my family is here for me they all think i’m a problem. my “bf” is clearly not here for me. & i avoid opening up to my best friend. i been living in a fantasy pretending, really good at showing others i’m ok, but now i’m at my breaking point.

2 years ago

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