In vacation i went to my nanny home, everything was working fine in my life. But there was a guy who used to followed me, chasing me. Firstly i thought its my superstitious. After all this i came back to my home on the same day the boy followed me till I haven’t catch a bus. After a month i went again to see my nanny But one day the guy come in front of me and purpose me, i simply said no to him, but he did not agree and said at least we can be friends, so i agree and we become friend. So we started chating and talking. I used to talk to him over the phone. After 10 days i completely stoped talking to him because i was failed in unit and my parents took my phone. But the boy had my friend number so he contact to him and she said my friend told him that his pairents know about you and she doesn’t have a felling about you as feel why she talk to you. On the same day the boy took a knife and write my name on his arm and he went to hospital. When i come to know about this i call him from my friend phone and ask why are you doing this so he said i love you and I can’t live without you, but I simply told him i dont have a feeling for you and I can’t be in a relationship. But he assisted me to talk otherwise i will die. So i agree because i was scared. So again we stated talking using my friend mobile because i dont have any phone. I one day i frustrated all about this and told him i don’t want this anymore more and leave me. Again the boy did the same writeing my name with knife and went to hospital. His brother call me saying i will kill you if something happen to my brother. He said you have to do this whatever he say to you. I was so struk in this situation and even I can’t talk to my parents about this, beacuse they gonna kill me. So I decided i will stay with him and he supply me phone and sim card. Everything went good for 3 months, meanwhile i cried alot and i have a question why this is happening to me ? But one day my cousin come to my home , she is very spiritual and we was talking about spirituality, I don’t know what happen to me on that day I decided i will not let this happen to me and broke the phone. And we came into completely stopped. When the boy came to know he took poision and went to icu. He was there for around 15 days i used to pray god for him beacuse this is happening beacuse of me. He discharged from the hospital and was fine, but he regularly come to my college and follow me but i keep ignoring him. I have a segrated felling for him, maybe i was in love or this was just sympathy, i am still confused please tell me?? After 5-6 days my father give back my phone and call him and decided that i will be do whatever i can to make him happy until my parents know about him. This was in January and we celebrated valentines week as well. But in march my parents come to know they catch me. They treated me very badly and even the boy now abuse me everyday over the Instagram. But i am still confused whether it was love which i did or fulish job..

2 years ago

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