I think I had a date with the guy who rejected me? We're still friends and all, but I had a crush on him for a really long time and he only liked me as a friend. But he always gave me mixed signals and my other friends agreed that he did/still does. But today, me and him were together all day long. We got coffee together, we made some snacks, we talked and laughed. what made me conscious the most was that we went out to eat dinner. Just the two of us. That never happens because we all usually go out in a small group of friends, and when it is just the two of us we just eat his homemade food. So I found it all super weird but I felt great because hey, I got to hang out with my crush all day long! Even if he likes me as a friend, it felt nice to still have a close connection with him. I have absolutely no idea what to think though 😅

2 years ago

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