It’s only been afew days but, she’s stopped texting me. An important detail is that she’s my ex so there’s that. But here’s the full story. So my ex and I are still talking and we’re really close. We love each other but in a non romantic way. So on Halloween, me, her and afew friends went to a friends house. We all went trick or treating for like 30 minutes before she (my ex) asked me to run off with her. So I did. We just walked off from everyone. So we stopped at some old park and sat on a bench. She confessed she had feelings for me, and I confessed I did as well. But I told her I’m not ready for a relationship. We don’t even go to the same high school. But we still cuddled with each other and she vented to me about her problems, and I vented about mine. She’s the only person I’ll ever open up to. We held hands, stroked each other and even kissed a little bit, nothing on the mouth though. And we talked a lot that night. But after that she stopped texting me. She used to all the time. Now it’s nothing. She told me before that she would always love me. But maybe she was just saying that because she was into me at the time I don’t know. The thing is that I told her the same except it wasn’t just because I was into It just hurts because I said “sorry we don’t text as much anymore” and she says “it’s okay I’ve just been really tired and busy” but she always has time to text in the group chat we’re in. I get that it’s not all about me and I’m not her center of attention, but it definitely evokes a thought. I trust her, and still do. We’re going to see each other this Friday so maybe we’ll get closer than. I really don’t want to stray apart.

1 year ago

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