NoFap isn't realistic. Everytime I tried to stop fapping and porn together I'd inevitably relapse. There isn't any proof that masturbation is actually bad for anyone. The problem is obsessive use of pornography. The way pornography jacks up your brain in a similar way to gambling and other compulsive behaviors. Quitting both porn AND masturbation at the same time is needlessly difficult, because you're trying to quit both a learned dependency and a perfectly natural and primal impulse that's etched directly into our brain. I think it's much smarter to try and do one thing at a time. I'm also skeptical of the idea of avoiding ALL sources of female nudity and beauty. That's mental, and not realistic. If anything, one should begin learning to manage their impulses starting with the lightest triggers. A woman in a swimsuit isn't porn, unless you believe that women in bikini, cleavages and thight clothing in real life are literally porn. It isn't. Right now I've gone 4 days without porn. I didn't stop masturbating, I just avoid fantasizing eccessively. I already masturbate much less than I usually do (I could go up to four times a day on the horniest days, and I'm not a teenager). Other than quitting porn, I've also unfollowed all the women I only followed because I was attracted to them sexually. I also stopped following erotic art pages because I cared only about the erotica aspect of the art (and the art itself was at best mediocre). I'm satisfied with these results right now. I think this is a winning strategy, and if everything goes according to plan, maybe In a few months I will try to stop fapping. But I don't see that necessary in the slightest. There might be benefits to quitting masturbation altogether, but there isn't any scientifically proven con to it either.

1 year ago

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