Fuck you Sophia, you don’t go behind others people back and back stab them with a secret that I clearly told you to keep, little piece of shit decided that without consent, if I’d be comfortable with her texting my friend about a past problem I had with her. Which by the way, it’s fucking resolved and it was something very stuck in the past. You didn’t have to literally text her and ask, it’s not your place and it’s none of your business. You don’t even know her and the worst is, because you had opened that wound up again, she thought i fucking hated her. No I love her, I was always there for her, I was the one WHO WAS ALWAYS WHEN SHE NEEDED HELP THE MOST. oh and don’t get me fucking started, you started showing me texts about how you both had started to become such close “friends” like if you didn’t just ask her something that was NONE of your fucking business and proceeded to then make friends with her. Fuck you, and the day I asked you if you fucking explained to her about the past problem you told me yes and you felt guilty, shut the fuck up you backstabbing motherfucker. And by the way, if it wasn’t for me asking, I would have NEVER have known you had told her. That day, I’m not going to lie, I was being oddly polite to you. I resisted my fucking urge to rant at you. I told you it was “okay” but shit not, I was so PISSED. Look, I’m not mad that your friends with her at all. But seriously, what the matter is with you? Please, it was a past problem that I had with her, which was resolved, plus let me remind you that although my past friend made me feel like shit for a while (it’s resolved), it doesn't mean you have to take it in your hands and decide to text her asking her “why” which, what the fuck. I understand that you were “defending” me, but seriously what the fuck Sophia,

1 year ago

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