so if you saw my post a few days ago, i had a dream where i was hanging out with my crush ( i'm a girl, they're non binary ) and it was really great... until i woke up. so anyways tomorrow i am going to see them, we have a class together, and for some reason i am just having like weird thoughts "they had the same dream as me" "they know what i dreamt of" and then "they'll never like me" and I guess i know it's true. They're white. blond hair. blue green eyes. i'm not. i have brown skin and brown hair and brown eyes. Ok? i know they'll never like me but i can't stop thinking about them. why do i have to fall for people that i know i can never be with? ( i'm pan, and i have had a crush on two girls and one boy before this crush. ) advice?

1 year ago

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