Dear Petsmart, I am writing this letter to you concerning a certain problem that has been going around for a while now. There have been multiple articles and YouTube channels saying you don’t give your animals the proper care they need. There was an investigation in petsmart where they found out around 47 dogs have died throughout 2008-2018. The dogs mainly died from lack of veterinary care especially when they needed it the most. There have also been people talking about how disrespectful your employees are. As well as animals, people deserve proper treatment as well, I witnessed a very degrading video in which a customer was mistreated based on the color of his skin. For example a Caucasian couple was dog hunting as the store was closing and only the person of color was asked to leave for store closing purposes. It’s Very concerning because everyone should be able to shop as equals if one person had to leave they all should have left as well. If you want more customers and people to support you, you should try and change your customer service skills. To support my concern here is just one of the many articles talking about your company. Article by Lia Eustachewich published 2018 September 20. Article states that dogs have reportedly died after being groomed at petsmart. Owners of the pets received hush-money from petsmart in order to keep the story from going public. That is not a good way to go about business. You should own up to your actions and re-think what you're doing and how to prevent these things from happening. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you take these concerns into consideration. Sincerely a concerned citizen (This is for school I don’t know if it’s good it’s for persuasive writing per say 6 grade writing)

2 years ago

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