I’m dealing with a lot of strain both from work and personal life I feel like I’m a barrier at work copping neglection from all angles I’m trying to be sober but I need an outlet to vent I used to do a lot of drugs and alcohol to prescription medicine I used to wander the wrong path I’ve been sober drugs for 3 years and every day forward is a day I feel ill break that cycle I need a release I recently lost my pop and on my final visit he was in so much pain he asked me to end his suffering after I said my goodbyes I couldn’t do it being weak knowing he was In that much pain begging me to end it 3 days later he passed on I feel guilty for letting him suffer but I know too right that what he asked me wasn’t the right way to go I feel like I let him down I keep having vivid nightmares about doing it and helping him and it’s driving me to go back to my bad ways to forget my pain

2 years ago

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