ok so i saw i post saying that dream was shit and said slurs and I was like wtf nobody told me nothing so I started to search and dig up a lot of shit it seems like he has apologized for all of it and that made me really happy but while i was searching abt dream i found a lot of other shit abt other of my faves and shit and I'm like dude what the fuck i don't know i feel my organs heavy i don't want it to be real but its the reality. i know its hard to be a celebrity and not have said one problematic stuff, even "normal" people because we make mistakes and sometimes we dont even realize it is or was offensive that's not the problem the problem is THEY DIDNT APOLOGIZE FOR SOME OF THE STUFF AND IM LIKE WAHT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW IDK I JUST WISH I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I WISH

2 years ago

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