been almost 4 decades, dont care bout yalls niggas, they aint where im at, i dont know bout ya, healthcare.. i dont know bout ya, credit cards... i dont know bout ya. fancy cars... i dont know bout ya.. paid houses.. i dont bout ya.. pink blouses.. i dont know about ya.. ten spouses.. i dont know bout ya.. goverment healthcare.. i dont know bout anything really i swear.. so fuck yall, all i got to say, fuck yall, if yall in up in my way, fuck yall, if you ride on a dick, fuck yall, better be lickity split, cuz fuck yall, i dont know bout yall, fuck yall, i dont see yall at the mall, cuz i have no social media, no im not freedia, not a 7 foot drag queen or queer see tho.. aint never spent a minute on this level im on.. aint never got a ticket on these highways helped draw.. so yall can lick the theoretical space between my taint like pheremones.. yall niggas be sick quick straight off my fairest dome..

2 years ago

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