i really like this boy. i want to spend the rest of my life with him, as creepy or cringy as that might sound, i mean it. he's my best friend and i love everything about him. my friends always tell me that he's ugly, but it's gotten to the point where i've decided to look past his imperfections and look more at his personality, which i think is absolutely amazing. he's so smart but he denies it and he calls himself dumb on a regular basis. he's got the weirdest sense of humor, but he never fails to make me laugh no matter the circumstances. i love him so damn much, but i'm so afraid that he only sees me as a friend. what i'm getting from him is very mixed signals, but more than anything i want to tell him that i like him. i want to be with him but i don't know how. he got me through an awful time. i was dealing with suicide and depression and he was the one reason why i never killed myself. when nothing else in life mattered to me anymore, he was the one thing that did. without him i think it's safe to say i might not even be alive right now. i love him so much and i would literally give the world and everything to him if i could, but i'm so scared to tell him how i feel. i don't want to get rejected or worse, heartbroken.

2 years ago

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