Sooo my dad and brother were bitching about how the bathroom trashcan smells funky and that whoever made it that way needs to deal with it. My step mom said "I know what it is" and then she went to go take it out. She knows I'm on my period. After that my brother and dad both agree that whatever was put in the trashcan needed to be put in a bag somewhere else and that it was 'nasty' and 'disgusting'. I can't help that I am a girl and I can't help that I bleed every month and have to deal with cramps as bad as having a heartattack...What else am I supposed to do with my pads? I feel so discriminated against, what they said was unnecessary. It's bad enough I cant be open about who I am with them, but then they go ahead and make me feel like shit about what gender I was born. I want to die.

2 years ago

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