Hi there... you don't know me and I don't know you. I'm currently in my room and having a freaking emotional breakdown and I have nothing else to talk to about this. Today I'd the anniversary of my best friends death. (Though an anniversary is something you would celebrate..) she was a close friend since kindergarten. Her smile would always light up a room... She never seemed like someone who would do the thing she did to herself.. On July 16 , 2018 (Today) my friends body was found in a closet in her house. But before that she seemed fine. Her grandmother died of a lung disease. My friend and her were really close. She blamed herself for it and thought she could've done more to help out. I guess she couldn't handle the pain. Me and her were really close friends and always talked about everything together. I need someone to talk to but nobody I know is awake... I'm sorry. Good night

1 year ago

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