I met this person online about 2 and a half years ago and we were going great as friends. We never really said our ages and this made me worried. I am an overthinker and I would worry about this relationship and I didn't want to hurt anyone in the process that if things do start to surface (like if he searchs up my name) . The reason i felt this way cause dumb little me gave him my full name while I only got his first. (Dont do this kids) Anyways I started to over think and felt guilty about him findinh age and possibly his. I believe that he may be a few year olds than me like 4-5 and I was still a minor (13) when we first met (15) now. I wanted a friendship and not a relationship. As I started to worry because I didn't want to lead him on (I didn't even know if he even liked me) , i decided to end the friendship (I really tried not to make it bad). I deleted all contact and tried my hardest to forget. Now about 7 months later I decided to reconnect (now & also their birthday) and I just want to know if Im making a mistake. Im so hung up on this dude that I never met and I broke his heart. I want to forget him but we have memories so yeah.

1 year ago

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