a kind of love story i guess, so we have always had classes together in school for maybe 3 years now but we never actually spoke to each other and then when lockdown happened we started talking but online obviously and before this i had been doing really bad with my mental health and i felt like everyone would leave me or hurt me and also find me ugly but he talked to me everyday and asked how i was and said good mornings and goodnight and oh my god i really started to like him and he made me feel so good about myself and says i’m beautiful and i feel understood, then we went back to school and i don’t think he’s ever had a girlfriend or anything so he’s socially awkward with that but it was really cute but now a while later he’s much more comfortable and to be honest so am i and now it’s holidays and i think i’m in love with him ( i have missed out a lot) and oh my his smile and we sleep on facetime sometimes and it’s perfection and a little while ago we were lying down next to each other watching the clouds and listening to chill music we both love and his eyes are so beautiful ahhhh

1 year ago

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