Ive cheated on two guys At 15 i was a very shy quiet kid I never had friends and i loved games about when i was 14 i met this guy Lets call him "Bob" Bob was depressed and i wouldn't let him stay depressed i would talk to him alot trying to cheer him up We started dating and talking about our futures together this all seemed great but then he mentioned a foot fetish and that he wanted pictures of my feet I thought it was funny and harmless I rlly thought i was grown at 15 but one problem with "Bob" Is he would never show his face Which my parents and teachers assumed he was a pedofile for My second boyfriend lets call him "Nerd" Nerd was very funny kind and loved anime and beyblades Me and him had twisted personalitys and humor we was very perverted But as i said earlier Im very shy and thats the main reason he liked me I asked nerd out a year after me and bob got in a relationship Nerd and i was in class and i asked him for his number I didn't want his number for the sake of becoming his girlfriend i just wanted to be his friend but he mainly hung out with other boys So i asked if he had minecraft and we joined on there,When we was playing we was talking and he asked me if i wanted to date, This was a first for me ive always seen myself as ugly and worthless but he Actaully wanted to date me Almost everyone didn't like me but he did, I agreed to be his girlfriend and i was happy for a few weeks, Hiding "Bob" From him was hard he always tried to snatch my phone to mess with me. Few weeks later im not okay with being with Nerd He was touching me in places i did not want to be touched, I didnt say anything all i could do is laugh akwardly due to shyness,He asked for nudes and stuff but unlike Bob He didnt want feet nudes, Prom was coming up and one day in the hall before they was calling buses he pulled me into the hallway and asked if i could go back to his place and have sex with him, I wasn't ready for it so i told him at the end of the year. Which was a lie and i started thinking after prom i dump him,I wont have to see him anymore. different highschools and everything, But a week before prom i felt rlly gulity and told "Bob" I have been cheating on him with nerd "Bob" Wasn't happy but he didn't hate me as much as nerd did when i confessed to nerd, I ended up going to prom by myself,I didnt wanna go But ive Actaully been planning the confession ever since i asked Nerd to prom Anything to not have sex at that age was fine for me. Fast forward im with my new boyfriend Nathan Hes very sweet and id never cheat on him We both have the same issues And as for nerd we never talked after that But Bob is still a friend of mine and turns out hes actaully the age he told me Me Bob and Nathan talk in group chats sometimes

2 years ago

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