They say being alone is nice but not when it’s all the time having no one to talk to hurts so bad you try so hard just to feel something but nothing makes you feel alive I miss feeling alive just feeling free I feel free but numb it’s so numb It’s so numb that nothing hurts anymore just stuck with thoughts that make you feel so little and ruin everything Your so emotionally exhausted to the point where sleeping is the best thing ever get so happy to just close my eyes and sleep Having no one being hurt and betrayed by people you thought would never hurt you killed you inside left with no one not even a message to ask how are you doing nothing you think what’s the point to anything anymore you question everything until it doesn’t matter your passion for things which you used to make you happy are gone there’s nothing left your so Empty and numb not even sad just lost it feels like drowning to the point where you think your going to get saved but they just throw you in the deeper you think it’s getting better but it’s just getting worse I’m not asking for attention nothing I don’t want anything from any one just one person to make me feel safe and like I’m something that’s not worthless but I think I’d rather be alone

2 years ago

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