I have never known that I had so much of strength. I have fought a very good battle and I know I have to still fight it as long as it takes. I have expected good behavior from a socially high class. Alas! it was my mistake. I have always tried to be good with everyone of my neighbors. But I have a breaking point as well. I care about my family so much that that became my weakness. My love is weakness as well as my strength. I am not pure but I won't do anything to hurt someone That is not who I am. My character was slandered. This my sweet little darling is not going to tolerate. I have to forgive everyone especially the Rai family. They have manipulated me for so long that I have never understood the difference between what's right and wrong. I have seen the bigger picture now. I always had stayed true to my school and my family only I have never noticed it. I truly love myself even more. Thank You all my enemies who have made me such a strong person. Now, I know that I do not need to prove anyone anything. I am highly capable of forgiving anyone, if I want to. I appreciate myself for all the battles that I have fought for character. True strength comes from within. I have been sweet to so many people and I have got disrespect in return. Now I do whatever it takes to gossip about me. I have had enough. I have to forgive everyone for my own peace.

1 year ago

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