Reading all these stories from all these individuals have touched my hearts I truly feel for all of you, keep reading this because this is what you need. To those who want to end their life, to those who want to give up, to those who were used and abused in every way you can think. WELL *Let me say it straight, so here we are on a blue marble in the middle of dangers from everywhere, the earth could fall from space, gravity can cease to exist, the sun could burn us, LIVE LIFE, THATS ALL, WE LIVE ROUGHLY 100 YEARS. TO TAKE YOUR LIFE NOW IS OUT OF THE QUESTION! YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE FIGHTERS, HERE’S A SAYING FOR YOU!! THIS: WHEN LIFE THROWS HELL AT YOU, STRIKE IT DOWN. YOU CAN ALL SURVIVE AND PULL Don’t end your life, we were put here for a reason, each of us, we all are on this earth for a reason we call home. We have overpopulation we have deaths we have disease, take a good look at your life YOU MAY BE DEPRESSED BUT DO YOU KNOW SOME PEOPLE DONT HAVE LIMBS OR ARE DEAF AND BLIND!!! YOU WANT TO END YOUR LIFE!! LOOK AT THOSE WHO HAVE IT WORST, SURE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW MAY BE STORMY BUT WHEN THE STORM ENDS YOULL SEE THE BLUE SKY AND CLOUDS WITH SUNLIGHT. Thank you and I’m sending prayers to you all, god bless. ~V

2 years ago

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