i get it baby. shes perfect. shes precious. shes beautiful. shes enough. but even though shes better then me at everything it doesnt give you the right to hurt me again as many times as you say you will stop the more it hurts because i know you wont but my heart doesnt, my heart is like a dog with a lead on its neck its attached. its attached to you. i came back to you even though you chose Noemi does that not show how much i love you? im addicted to you and nothing will stop that. youve saved me but you have also hurt me. no matter how many times you say you 'promise' you wont do it again is like saying to a blind person they will get gain eye sight soon. you want me to trust you yet you dont let me on your snapchat account? what are you hiding. your taking advantage of me and i hate it. why just why. if i leave you do you your friends will be all over me trying to expose me for what? ive done nothing but if you hurt me your friends say you need to find someone better than me because i argue with you. I HATE YOU SFM BUT IM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU. you just dont care that you cheated again its like you find someone to give you attention and then when i find out abt it they leave and you say how much you love me and i stay and then its a repeating cycle. i cant always give you attention i have my own problems that need my attention too and you know that. everytime you have cheated i ask you why you did it and you always ignore the question why do you do that? i want so many answers from you. i do think its my fault you cheat on me because your 2 years younger than me not even a teenager yet and your not mature enough for a relation ship i think its my fault for falling for you so hard when your not able to understand a relationship, you think you know how to keep on under control but you dont because if you did my heart wouldn't be in pieces right now and my eyes wouldn't be full of tears and i wouldn't be writing this rn. i just want yu to understand me but you dont care. idek why im writing this because she will be 'yours soon' right joe? youll always be my loser though and no one will ever EVER treat you better than i ever have okay. <3 - Rianna

2 years ago

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