someone please help me prepare for my exams, im panicking

i have my final exams for the year coming up and ive realised how screwed i am. im awful at studying because i can never focus and i get so bored easily, so for my entire high school life ive done the bare minimum and gotten great grades. now im in year 11 and its hit me like a truck and i cant do it. ive barely studied properly all year, finished my projects the night before they are due and now ive realised ive screwed myself over. my human biology exam is 3 days and i was planning on doing summary notes every night but i never did, and now ive realised i know barely anything and i need to study a whole years worth of content in like 2 and 1/2 days. i dont know what to do or how to manage it because if i dont at least pass, they will try kick me out the course for next year, and i need to do it to get to university. my last exam i failed and that was only on half the stuff and im panicking so much someone please help.

1 year ago

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