hey guys, i hope you are having a good day or a better day. i want to share my own experience today. near the end of last year, that’s when my anxiety really started to settle in. i would feel like my mind and my body were completely cut off. i felt like wasn’t real, that when i looked down at my hands and my legs it freaked me out because they didn’t seem like they belonged to me. i would look in the mirror and not even recognise that it was me. it was like staring at a another person. my memories felt like that too. i didn’t feel like they belonged to me and it really freaked me out whenever my family would tell me stories about when i was younger. up until february this year, i had my first major panic attack. it was terrifying, the most worst experience i’ve had (i’m only 14) after that i had multiple day after day. but i reached out and got help and i am doing so so much better. i haven’t had a panic attack since march and i am so proud of myself. i felt majorly suicidal, where i was constantly thinking i was going to act out on them every single day. but i remembered. it comes in waves. it’s so hard to remember when you are at the peak of your wave but once you start to notice and remember it, it gets so much easier. so i guess what i’m saying is that, YOU CAN DO IT. i am so proud of every single one of you for making it through another day/night. i am so genuinely proud. you made it through another day. whether it was stressful, painful, hard, etc. you made it through. and i am so proud of you for that. i love you and i’m so proud of you. <3 🦒

2 years ago

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