i dedicate this to my ex wife, whom i'll see in family court for the 4th time now over the course of 4 years.. to once again fight and prove false allegations wrong to be in my son's life, and she's moving because she's done with med school (congratulations, im man enough to say that, we started that pipe dream years and years ago together, now past our marriage's end, she's finally done and a doctor, credit where credit is due) HOWEVER... bitch i done told ya, where my son goes, i go. i dont care what you're doing, who you're married to, fucking, who's kids you have, nothing.. the ONLY thing i care about is my dear baby boy. daddy loves you bub bub. <3 https://youtu.be/0GbkMuRs_UA I don't smile, I don't frown, get too up or get too down (nah) I was here, so were you, you came and went, I stuck around (yeah) Still here now, stop me how? Your opinion's like a broken calculator That shit doesn't count Shut your motherfuckin' mouth Get your whole squad, send a task force in If you want it, you're 'bout to get what you asked for then Put your helmet on, strap your chin You're 'bout to get you a crash course in Who not to start a fuckin' legal war with Or to go against, fuck would you wanna do that for? No offense, but is this bitch slow or dense? A fuckin' penny has more sense

2 years ago

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