Yes I peeped on my 31 year old step daughter Catie when she was naked and yes I did smell her panties. I do believe I did have the necessary right to look at my step daughter in the nude. I also feel that I had the necessary right to know her smell and I had the right to play with myself to Catie's smell and watch her naked. Like I said call me sick, pervert, creep and a piece of shit all you want but it doesn't faze me one bit. I miss smelling Catie's panties and I miss looking at her naked. I miss looking at Catie's hard erect nipples and her beautiful shaved pussy. The shape of her ass drove me crazy and I'd do anything to see Catie naked and smell her panties again. whoever wants to tell on me to Catie good luck because once again I'm proud of what I did to my step daughter Catie and i have no regrets either. So those of you that think I am a sick fuck.................FUCK OFF.

2 years ago

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