TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!! rape is talked about in this, if that is a sensitive topic please scroll past. Dear Noah Wilkins, I fucking hate you. Yes I know from your point of view I’m just some whore that apparently fucked you over but your stupid point of view is wrong and you’re a piece of shit. Let me dumb this down for you ok? You raped me and are the reason I have PTSD, the fucking reason I have night terrors, one of the many fucking reasons I am scared of men which at times includes the amazing guy I am dating that would NEVER hurt me. Let me explain this to you, I told you straight up in the beginning that if you wanted to date me it wasn’t going to be for my body because sex was not something I was fucking ready for. You said you were perfectly fine with that and acted like you were but then you saw a chance to fuck me and took it. Do you remember this night or do I have to explain what happened? You know what let's just explain it because no one knows the full fucking story besides us two. We got tickets to a haunted house, we went on October 30th 2020 is this ringing a bell for you yet? No? Ok let’s go on. School got out and we went to your house to eat dinner with your family, after dinner we left. We stopped at Casey's to grab snacks because it was an hour drive. I got a cotton candy bang energy drink and you got a kickstart. We were driving for a while, just listening to music just messing around until we were about 15 min away. We stopped at another gas station so we could pee before going to the house, while I was using the restroom you were buying what I thought was just more snacks but little did I know you also bought a pack of condoms. We drove the rest of the way there just talking and goofing off, when we got there we met a dad and his son. We walked through the haunted house with them. I had a great time and it was pretty fun until we had to go home. We stopped at Taco bell, I got my chicken quesadilla and you got a bean burrito, we both tried the weird dragon fruit drink as well. We drove most of the way home until you said “I want to show you this old dirt road before I take you home, you can see all of the stars from there” I agreed to let you take me because I thought it was a cool idea. You pulled over on a road that wasn’t too far from my house and instead of getting out to show me the stars like you said you would, you got on top of me and kissed me… a lot. You started moving your hands down my body, you stopped at my boobs and attempted to take my bra off, I told you to stop but instead you continued and tried to convince me to fuck you by saying these exact fucking words, “I’m a senior and haven’t lost my v-card, you know how pathetic that is? Come on please let me do this with you. Any guy would be lucky to.” I kept saying no but instead of taking the fucking answer you forced your hand down my pants and told me I would enjoy it. You were hurting me so I finally gave into it and said fine because you weren't giving me any other choice. You grabbed the stupid condom from the bag from the gas station and fucked me, luckily not even 5 minutes into it my mom called worried about me because it was 1 in the morning. Instead of continuing you took me home. Do you remember this now? Yeah? Fuck you for it you peice of shit. I have fucking nightmares because of it, I wake up in the middle of the night because of it. I am terrified of men because of it, shit there’s times where I even get scared of my boyfriend because of you. You fucked me over and it’s not fair because you get to be perfectly ok and I’m the one suffering from it. You’re the one that gets to talk shit on me and have everyone believe all the bullshit you tell them. You keep fucking me over and for what? I mean what the actual fuck did I do to you? Why do I deserve this? I hate this so much and I hate you with everything I have. Honestly go fuck yourself and burn in hell you asshat.

2 years ago

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