small little utensil , we know than in various situations you ve been misused and abused , by an ungrateful owner, I know in many situation you wish you could be detached from him and fall heroically , a little piece of folded skin on the ground , or are you the evil responsible for his exceeding hormones that mess up with his apparently very intelligent brain , from what he says and since 80 % of what he says is a lie that might be one as well. but one thing must be said to his defence he never claimed to have a big utensil , but stayed silent when small utensils were mentioned . that lie was one that was simply too big for his utensil, once more , itanything compared to that would be huge. honestly the woman he had intercourse with probably prefered diy because it was giving them much more to work with than micro utensil ever did , too tired too finish because it's late ,will gladly continue tomorrow .

2 years ago

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