Hey everyone I'm a young adult well fresh adult, I'm only 18 but i feel much older and more mature than that, im not going to say I have had the hardest life but it wasn't easy, I like cars and many other things mechanical, to get straight to the point things arnt going well recently I have been diagnosed with high functioning anxeity and depression I've also been addicted to drugs such as weed mdma and alcohol for some time now I wouldn't say any longer than 3 to 4 years and it has ruined my life, being so young and not academically smart I don't earn much, as most of my pay goes towards drugs and I have nothing left for the meaningful things I car about like my first car, drugs are destroying my quality of life to the point where I'm planning on leaving all this pain and stress behind, I see it as its better to not feel anything to feel love and hate Idk what to I'm so lost someone help me

2 years ago

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