i just found this website and im going to vent bcs im a selfish idiot. tw: sh, possible ed? jadhakjhskjadj sihadiakjdhskajjahdnaskdjnasl im a mess i havent cut for 3 weeks but ive hit myself and starved myself bcs im stupid and selfish aaaaaaaaaa everythings a mess why cant i just talk to someone i dont even tell my friends what music i like because idk im scared of being judged or something, and i steal personalities because i dont seem to have one im stupid and ugly i hate my body im awkward and stupid why am i even here venting to strangers i should be ok nothing is really wrong with my life asjhaiufhuaikhfakjbfshbfakjsbksahdlskada, im really sorry if you read that

1 year ago

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