i just realized that i think i’m sexually traumatized and i don’t know what to do. ive had people just not care when i say stop and keep going when i just shut down bc i was scared. ive also had older friends just casually engage in sexual roleplay with me when i was younger and then cut off contact when they found partners or whatnot. and ive also had friends just randomly start talking about wanting to have sex with me or talk about sex and it scared me. i dont know what to do or feel? am i overreacting, who do i tell? im still a virgin and the thought of being with someone sounds nice but i can see myself just shitting down and going along with everything bc i dont want to hurt them. this probably makes zero sense but i just needed to get this out. i’m 20 and i have never said this to anyone before and i just want to get it out. im really scared and i dont know what to do

2 years ago

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