So it was a busy day at work and it started nice enough but by the end I was a crying, cussing mess, I even threw a few things,i actually broke a nozzle completely off the cap of our cleaning bottle. I know one of my bosses heard me say the GD word and definitely a couple of f bombs but I feel like the person I was helping earlier in the day wasn't quite pulling their weight. I was so hot and drenched with sweat and my face was beat red and communication was lost and I slipped down my panic attack rabbit hole and feel like a complete embarrassed jack ass who has to go back to work on Sunday and face everyone that got to see you melt down. It makes me want to run away and hide but I know that's not an option. I try to put my best in everything that I do but I have my weak days where my mind and body are just hot and tired. I will not give up though, embarrassed or not I will go back and apologize and get my work done and try not to let it get to me when we have busy days.

1 year ago

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