Randoman no-porn journey, Day 7 (how I'm doing it, also suggestions for women)

Warning: talking about sex, masturbation, and porn. If don't want to read my private ramblings on how I'm working to unhook myself from porn, ignore this post. It's been a week now. The first two days were excrutiatingly difficult. I felt extremely powerful cravings and frustration. The temptation to watch porn was enormous. But things got easier afterwards. For the first time I think I'm on the right track to succeed. It isn't impossible to handle with the rules I set for myself. I know things might change during the next week. After all, it's been just a week. However, the level of satisfaction I'm feeling is uncomparable to any other time I've tried to stop porn consumption. I don't have much else to say regarding today. Someone said that they were inspired to start something similar. Definitely do! If I may, I would like to give you a few suggestions and some philosophy on how I'm going about it. --Don't try to stop masturbation and porn at the same time. There's no scientific proof that masturbation is unhealthy or harmful. Porn addiction however is a very well documented phenomenon. Your primary effort and focus should be on not consuming porn, and most importantly not orgasming to porn. Porn includes any form of erotica, including comics, art, novels, gifs. Anything that has explicit sex in it. Anything that is led by sex and not by art. --Don't stop appreciating beauty. There's no need to eliminate anything that can be remotely titillating to you. Sexual attraction is normal, and feeling sexually aroused is normal too. What I do suggest is to unfollow all the people you follow EXCLUSIVELY because you're sexually attracted to them, or people that have nothing other than sexiness going about them. For example, I follow Bella Poarch and Leanbeefpatty. I like them attractive, but I also find them inspiring human beings and/or I like something about their energy too. It's good to appreciate people, don't stop yourself from doing it. It's good and natural. Sometimes appreciating your attraction without doing anything about it can be very energizing. --Cravings are different from horniness. When you're craving, you find yourself thinking about porn, nudity. Craving is entirely psychological, horniness is physical. If you find yourself "thinking" about masturbating it's possible that it's your addiction speaking to you, particularly if you're fantasizing a lot or you're obsessing over "needing to masturbate." Pay attention to this: how many times you think you "need" to masturbate you actually have an erection / you are wet down there? You will find out that you need to provoke it manually, or through porn, to masturbate. Your body doesn't feel horny. It's your addiction, your mind, that wants it to. On the other hand, when you're genuinely horny, your body is "ready" for it. You don't feel nervous, you feel a rush of energy. If you're a male, you will have spontaneous erections. If you're a woman, you will be wet. But in general, you just "know" you're aroused. If you feel horny, and you're not really thinking about sex, you haven't been fantasizing about it, you didn't watch anything sexy, and the sensation just won't go away then masturbate! This is the time to do it! I promise it will feel great. Do it without porn of course! And pay attention, because after you masturbate you will feel cravings. You can resist them. That's it for now. I will stop writing about it for a while. If everything goes well, see you next week.

1 year ago

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