Dattitude Jottiatta

Bastard from Columbus Ohio, early 2015? I remember you too. Drop dead, I am not your business. You claim people saying "no," is a mental illness? Drop dead you freak, someone please take that man's medical credentials, Jesus Christ freak, you are a dead man if you come near me! Specific reference? If someone didn't sign a permission or waiver to have their photo taken in that confidential environment? He called it a mental illness. Drop dead freak! And speaking of venting? Sheila drop dead! For being such a bitch! You effing dare threaten me in 2007? Drop dead you effing bitch. You ever comment on me again I will do anything I can to get you killed, anything within "reason" which your kind of stupid dumb imbecile would not know anything about. My life is my business, not your's. I want an example of you two, you come near me again, I want you dead. So your kind doesn't dare come near me again. How many people you've damned with your b.s. evil damnation!

1 year ago

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