My Dad is a Fag

Since I was out of work during the pandemic, I helped my dad out by acting as a super for his rental properties. One was a duplex that only ever had one tenant - the other unit was never rented. Out of boredom I decided to go take a look at the unit Dad never rented, thinking it might need a lot of work or had damage and that’s why he never rented it out. I thought maybe I could work on it for him and help him out. When I entered the unit, however, I was stunned to find it in perfect condition and there was electrical service - lights were on in the stove vent. There was no furniture in living room or kitchen but the bathroom was appointed with toiletries, towels, soap, and shampoo. There was a stacked washer and dryer in a closet with freshly dried sheets. When I was leaving the bathroom I noticed the door had a large hole cut into it at crotch height, with tape applied to the border of the hole. Someone had installed a gloryhole in it. The shower had a standard shower head, but I noticed another steel water line attached to the shower - I thought it was a handheld shower head at first - but the end was a stainless tube with several holes on the end instead of another shower head. The small bedroom had a bed with sheets and pillows, a dresser, and large flat screen television along with an Apple TV and a modem. A single nightstand had a lamp on it, along with a iPad. Inside the nightstand were bottles of lube, condoms, and several sex toys - buttplugs, dildos, and other things I couldn’t identify. I was completely mystified. The iPad wasn’t protected with a lock so I opened it up. It automatically connected to wifi, so there was also internet service installed. Several hookup apps were installed. There were messages from local men. The username attached were varied, but all a variation of "daddy." The iPad also contained many, many pics and videos. Videos of men being fucked from the fuckers point of view - and I realized they were taken in this bedroom. Pics of men, nude, close ups of cocks and assholes. And face pics of my father. I realized some of the nudes must be of him. I was snooping through my father’s secret gay sex pad. It was a stunning revelation. My mom had passed away years earlier, and he'd never dated or even talked about anyone else. I guess I knew why now. I have no idea how to process this information. Do I say anything? Do I pretend to not know?

1 year ago

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