last summer i was very social and happy. i would go out all the time and i wouldnt care what people thought about me. everyday i would go out and not go back home until very late. i was enjoying life. winter came around and everything went downhill. i began feeling sad all the time and wouldnt want to go out at all and wouldnt talk to anyone. that has been going on since winter until now. i dont talk to anyone (not even my family), i dont go out at all, i dont even eat as much as i used to , i worry about what people think of me, and i am behind in school. ive been in a very depressive state and i dont know why. i cant talk to people anymore it scares me a lot. i cant talk to my dad because he scares me. i love him very much but he is the person i am most afraid of. i am not happy anymore. a few weeks ago i went to the doctor and they told me that i was developing anorexia and had to take therapy. i became very insecure because of the way i look so i stopped eating and i exercised a lot. because the doctor told my parents that, they have me watched all the time and they pretty much feed me now. they ask me about every single thing i eat and they make sure i dont exercise at all. i hate this so much. i want it all to go away. i miss the old me but i cant have her back... i really want to end things but i cant. im so young and i have my life ahead of me but i feel as if life already left me

2 years ago

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