I recently told my best friend that i was interested in him and he completely thought it was a joke and I said it wasn't and to forget it but he's totally treating the situation like it means nothing to him. If you don't feel the same way just say that you're really just hurting me at this point, you really don't care about me and my feelings and after all those times I've been there for you and you could care less about me? Wow. I should've completely kept what I said to myself so you wouldn't make a joke out of it. I guess that's why all those other ppl broke up with you, you're a complete jerk and I shouldn't have spent months which is now almost a year having feelings for someone that doesn't GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT MINE. SO FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR BAD MOODS CAUSE I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM NOW SINCE YOU'RE HURTING ME FOR NO DAMN REASON, LIKE WHAT DID I DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS?? IS IT BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN HURT SO MANY TIMES FROM OTHERS LEAVING YOU? MAYBE YOU SHOULD FIX THAT DAMN PERSONALITY OF YOURS AND PPL WOULDN'T BREAK YOUR HEART. I WOULD NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART SO WHY WON'T YOU GIVE ME A CHANGE HUH? IS IT CAUSE THE LAST TIME YOU DATED A GUY THE BROKE UR HEART TOO? SUCH A PITY THAT YOU GIVE ALL THESE OTHER PPL CHANCES BUT ME... I DON'T GET 1 CHANCE AT ALL NOT EVEN A SINGLE CHANCE TO PROVE MY LOVE TO U. wow I can't believe I really thought I would be able to be with u, it's really just a waste of time

2 years ago

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