I am not the girl you fall in love with, I'm the girl you date until you come across the one that makes your heart skip a beat. I am not all that pretty and I'm not all that smart. I'm not all that interesting and I'm not all that important. I have practically nothing to offer except my body which isn't even good enough for you to want to claim. I am decent looking enough that you'll swipe right, interesting enough that youll talk for a bit, smart enough where the conversation won't be mind numbing and important enough for you not to be mean to my face. But I'm not pretty enough for you to want to meet, not smart enough for you to want to listen, not interesting enough to keep you engaged and not important enough for you to care. My heart is already broken so this fact can't break it further. However everytime I get ghosted and everytime I get asked about the color of my underwear before I get asked about my hobbies and everytime you ask for pictures rather then dates I feel my hope that still tries to hang on slip a bit. I'm not sad about who I am, I've accepted my role in life.

2 years ago

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