ADVICE NEEDED helpppp I’m in a new ish relationship with this guy but I’ve already fallen for him heavily and he I. But there’s some things hella off.. he still has his old page up with his ex and like photos of them up. He says he lost the password. That seems inocent. Until you know his ex grace still has her page up and is refusing to take their photos down. For ages he called her a psycho ex and said he blocked her on everything. I found out the other day that he and grace were in contact and she is sending him money?? Also she recently brought him this massive ass Lego set for over £330 like that’s weird asf. Also when I looked at his phone and grace was in his phone as ‘princess x’ I asked him about it and he said that it was an accident and he completely forgot to change it. He keeps saying he’d block her for me but then I feel like he’d get mad at me for wanting him to block girls as I’m jealous or some shit. I don’t want to be that girlfriend who makes her bf do that idk.. I really really like him I don’t want to lose him baring In mind. HELP!!!!

1 year ago

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