TRIGGER WARNING, ASSAULT, ABUSE, DRUGS I haven't been taking my meds lately bc I keep forgetting:/ I'm really stressed out bc my dad moved across the country to see me but I literally moved to get away from him bc I'm 13 and he 1. views me as a sex object and makes rlly inappropriate comments on my body and my weight 2. he does meth 3. He's batshit crazy and abusive, and now that he's here he joined a cult. My ex friend sexually assaulted me multiple times by grabbing my boobs, pushing me against walls and pressing against me and not letting go, and they even went as far as to GRAB my sister's ass. They constantly called me fat (I'm 164. I'm not unhealthy, I exercise, I eat well) would comment on my eating, etc. They also made several jokes about my dead mom. I say ex friend because they ended our friendship a couple days ago because I asked for space and apparently they "don't do space" I started taking meds because I got in a really dark place and I'm in that place again and I am so tired. I take prozac (antidepressant) and literally all of the time I get told that I'm too young to have these problems and of course I'm too fucking young but that doesn't mean I don't have them??? idk

1 year ago

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