Well I guess I can rant/vent here? Idk :/ but anyways hi. My gf recently broke up with me just for another guy. He isn't even nice to her. All cause he's a "bad boy". Why can't nice guys ever get girls? Like we'll treat you right but no. Y'all always goin for the bad boys. Anyways, my friends, yeah they're cool but their always in my business. Like if I don't text you, don't fucking spam my dms. I try not to explode on them about it, but sometimes it's just so fucking hard. Then they guilt trip me, but I need them because they're all I have left. I can't talk to my parents or anyone about it so I'm not doing good. I've attempted to kms recently but that didnt work out. And "bar coding" (if y'know, you know.) Doesn't help me anymore. I can't even get away from anyone around me, and since schools in a few months that's gonna put stress on me. Fml man I hate my life so much. I put all my trust into people and they always break it. I'm done trusting people, I'm gonna keep bottling my emotions and nobody can tell me otherwise. Anyways that's it for now ig. Bye.

2 years ago

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