Some young guys came to my job, threatened me with a gun. I was looking at it closely, I couldn't figure out whether was fake or real. If only I had the experience to know for sure. Fake, I would've put a fight. Real... 1 minute before I texted my boyfriend to see if he was free to call me, because I missed him. 1 minute later it's when it happened. Police came, my boss, all the process done. After that I texted my boyfriend again, i called him and no answer. 2-3 hours later same thing, he didn't call or texted me back, I know he is awake. He straight up ignored me. How someone that says loves me too much won't care to check on me? I still am alive. I had the opportunity to maybe die by the hand of someone else. I guess after all my suicidal attempts meant something else and not truly wanting to die? I have lot of questions to myself. I'm thinking a lot of things.

2 years ago

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